Cerulean Erotica Presents: The Complete Collection Paul Garland Author

Cerulean Erotica Presents: The Complete Collection Paul Garland Author
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Cerulean Erotica Presents: The Complete Collection. A 6 book bundle of all the Cerulean Erotica Presents stories by Paul Garland.Welcome to Cerulean Erotica - a hot new series of erotic stories based around those people who have a hidden, darker, more sexual side - more so than anyone who knows them would ever believe. The women in our stories are strong, liberated women who have repressed their lust - and our stories will show them finally embrace that side of themselves.THE DREAM HOLIDAY NIGHTMARE - an erotic tale of a happily married couple, who find themselves on a Greek holiday, the holiday of their dreams, only when an opportunity comes up for the wife to explore her sexuality, the holiday turns into something of a nightmare. Can their marriage survive this ultimate test of lust?WHAT WOULD YOU DO? - What would you do to protect your secrets? If it meant saving your marriage, would you let another man seduce your wife? When I get caught having an affair, the guy who catches us tries to blackmail me. The thing he wants in return for keeping our dirty little secret is something I don’t want to give him - not only does he want sex with my mistress, but also with my wife. He wants to cuckold me, not once, but twice…A FRIEND IN NEED: My wife meets up with her very first boyfriend from school, but as their rekindled friendship slowly becomes more, I find myself taken on a journey of discovery and we learn things about each other that we never knew before…A SEDUCTION IN SORRENTO: Two couples, one American, one English, both normal, faithful couples, meet on a sizzling hot vacation in Sorrento, Italy. The couple get to know each other but their blossoming friendship becomes much more than platonic when they meet a handsome Italian hotel manager, who offers them the chance to make this a holiday that none of them will ever forget…BETH AND HER BOSS: Tough times sometimes call for tough measures, and when Paul and his sweet wife Beth find themselves in financial difficulties, Beth goes the extra mile to earn a promotion from her handsome and wealthy boss. But can Paul accept being cuckolded by his new hotwife when he finds out?COSTA DEL CUCK: My wife and I head off on a much-needed first holiday in a long time, to the sunny Costa Del Sol in Spain. We’re both determined to relax and make the most of it, enjoying the sun, sand, sea, sangria and of course, lots of sex. What neither of us expected to happen was for that sex to include someone other than me.Cerulean Erotica stories include explicit sexual scenes with cheating, themes of cuckoldry, liberated and strong female characters, and the powerful partners/husbands and friends who love them.

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