Cheating Wives Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author

Cheating Wives Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a husband cheating with another’s wife, a bride that needs an alpha male quality spanking, the God of Kink defiling a cheating wife with some surprises, an act of voyeurism that leads to a kinky cheating threesome, and a one night only threesome for pay. There is something for everyone within!‘Cheating Wives Erotica Vol. 1’ contains the following four stories:# Riding A Cheating Wife (Seduction)I can’t stand to be around her a second longer. Being near the woman that I dreamed of – fantasized about – for such a long time like this is too much. In a moment of weakness I run from the room, and her, not knowing that in doing so I will set off a chain of events that will allow me to live out my wildest and most thrilling fantasies with the one woman that I shouldn’t.# Cheating Bride (Spanking)Dicky doesn’t believe me. The man – huge, tats, angry – isn’t having any of it. He points to his knee. Right now I don’t understand, but soon I will. I’m a bad girl and I’m going to get my spanking. I hope I don’t enjoy it too much.# Defiling A Cheating Wife (Reversal)To defile a cheating wife… Such a burden lies on the shoulders of only one man. That she is blond, heavy of breast, snug of waist and with hips that flare out beyond the meaning of wide is of no consequence. The God of Kink, The Defiler, has made his choice. Pity he’s not quite as smart as he thinks he is. Surprises within.# Watching My Wife Cheat (Voyeurism)She cheated in front of his eyes and he was hurt by it. There were words and a taking of her body that was not gentle. Now, he stands before his friend – the one responsible for this – but finds something beyond anger in the other man’s eyes. Three people share a night that began in a closet and ends in a wife with fully pleased.# Selling The Boss’s Wife (One Night Only / Threesome)She could have had anyone, but she chose me. Unfortunately, things aren’t going too well and a choice needs to be made. Her solution: Selling her to a rich man for one night only. There are so many implications and I hold so many fears. Will she still be able to love me after what we both know must be done? How strong is our love?

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