Check, Please! - Vanilla M/F Couples Erotica Susie Taylor Author

Check, Please! - Vanilla M/F Couples Erotica Susie Taylor Author
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*******************!!!!!!PUBLISHER WARNING!!!!!!!*********************The contents of this book are known to cause spontaneous wetness in women and hardness in men.This story contains shockingly explicit and sexually charged scenes.It is NOT your mother’s erotica!Buy at your own risk (and read alone!)EXCERPT:As we walk into the main restaurant we are met by a sticking waitress. She looks around 20, Mediterranean, curly black hair. She is wearing a simple white blouse buttoned only at the breast. A short skirt is loose around her tanned and well shaped legs. It is obvious she looks after her body.She beckons us inside and surprisingly, walks in-between us, taking each of us by the hand, and guides us to our cubical. We walk across the center floor and notice all the mirrored doors around. You wander who is in all of the rooms as out waitress lets go of my hand to open the door on our cubical. She guides you to your seat and smiles at you, only letting go of your hand as you sit down. As she departs closing the door, she looks longingly down at your legs as you cross them. I think she likes you. What do you think? I ask. I like it, very sexy, and naughty You reach over and kiss me on the lips. Your hand strays towards my rapidly hard dick, as I reach over and place my hand on your thigh and stroke your leg up under your dress. In our excitement we do not notice the waitress has reentered the room and is standing patiently holding the menu. As she watches us she slowly and covertly reaches into her blouse and starts playing with her nipple - squeezing it lightly. She pushes her legs together tightly as my hand separates your legs so my fingers can stroke your pussy. A noise outside stops us - we break our kiss and look toward the door, only then seeing the waitress. She is also caught unaware as she hastily removes her hand from her erect nipples and manages to unbutton her top. Her breasts are revealed and she bites her lip in mock embarrassment. So here we are with our hands on each others bits and our waitress standing watching with her blouse open and her nipples standing to attention. She gives me a smile and moves forward to hand me a menu, making no attempt to cover herself up. As she moves around the table she bends forward - her breasts hang down in front of me. She then turns to hand you a menu and moves closer to me. Her right nipple is only inches from my mouth. I am so tempted to take a quick bite. I feel your hand rubbing me again. I can only imagine what you are thinking. The nipple is wide and big and looks so good to reach out and…

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