Chocolate Cookies [Interracial Erotica, BW/WM Erotica, Teacher Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author

Chocolate Cookies [Interracial Erotica, BW/WM Erotica, Teacher Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author
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Sexy, bareback rendezvous with sexy ebony goddesses and handsome white alpha male hunks take place in these sizzling stories. You’ll read it all, from doggystyle, face sitting, lots of spanking and public sex, among so much more. It’s HOT, so buckle up!I Want to Feel You Inside of Me Vols. 1-4:We’re always intrigued by the sexy combination of ebony and ivory. And this series of erotic romantic thrillers will take you on a ride. The reader is taken on three chapters into the life of Yolanda, a woman who lives the entrepreneurial life as an owner of a beauty salon. Her world is turned upside down, when a handsome white gentleman with style, class and chiseled good looks enters her salon. He offers to take her out for a night of drinks after a long day of work, and they end up back at his place downing a bottle of Moscato. They lick, suck and taste each other all night, and Yolanda’s hard day is a thing of the past when she’s taken by this gentleman, and rides him like the ebony goddess that she is. Throughout their relationship, they unleash a dastardly sex tape revenge plot, go toe-to-toe with Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend and his new girl, explore each other’s parts, holes, mouths and ahem throats, have sex in public, on a motorcycle and on the side of the road while cars whiz by at 90 miles per hour. This is their first interracial fling, and they’re riding this baby until the wheels fall off.Naughty for Teacher Vols. 1-3:A tale of a submissive, horny student meeting her match in her alpha male professor unfolds in three incredibly raunchy stories. Sweet little Bianca isn’t so sweet, because she’s constantly teasing Professor Winfield, knowing that he is an authority figure and a married man. Throughout their cat and mouse game of seduction and punishment, they explore each other’s bodies with passion. You’ll read deliciously graphic depictions of naughty Bianca being rammed in the classroom while bent over Professor Winfield’s desk, dominated in his office and stripped naked, spanked, handcuffed, dripped with candle wax and plowed in a library study room. Throughout these stories, you’ll take in steamy depictions of sweet skin against skin, dominant oral sex, lots and lots of Bianca’s sexy ebony booty bent over in doggy style, spanking with multiple objects and loads of BDSM play.

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