Chocolate Diaries (Interracial erotica, Billionaire erotica) Marlo Peterson Author

Chocolate Diaries (Interracial erotica, Billionaire erotica) Marlo Peterson Author
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This book consists of two titillating interracial stories, “A Beach Angel” (Billionaire interracial erotica) and Tasting the Mistress’ Chocolate (Dominatrix interracial erotica).In “A Beach Angel”, Lance is a handsome billionaire who looks like an underwear model, with the money of an oil tycoon. He’s in the Dominican Republic for pleasure, and finds it in Anita, an ebony beauty who works hard and wants to play harder. When they swap room keys and their worlds collide, they lick, taste, suck and sex each other while getting the most out of their vacation. EXCERPT: I knocked on Anita’s door at around 6 p.m. I had taken an early dinner and enjoyed a post meal cigar, along with a stiff drink to get me started off right. When Anita swung the door open, she had a glass of wine in her hand, and Sade playing on her iPod speakers in the room, so I could see that she had begun to unwind also. “Well come on in, stranger,” she said with the sexiest, sassiest smile that I had ever seen in my life. I leaned in and placed my hand on the small of her back and pulled her in to me, as I leaned down and pressed a kiss against her lips. I parted her lips with mine and slipped her my tongue, while pressing her against the door frame. I pressed my firm cock against her body and loved the way our warmth compliment each other. She smelled heavenly, like sweet perfumes, and I wanted to devour her. I also knew that the sexiest thing in the world is being the master of your own domain, so I released the kiss and walked into the room without even looking back, so that she stood their with her breath taken away. I had made her hot and I knew it. “Nice room you got here,” I said, looking around. I’m worth billions, but her room was even bigger and better than mine. I could tell that she had splurged a little bit. I saw the hot tub in the corner of the room that was already filled and with flower petals. I knew that we were going to have some fun in there. We sat in the bed knocking back drink after drink. “So what did you think when you first saw me?” she asked, rubbing her hand across my thigh. I gave her a smile before answering. “Well, I wondered what you tasted like, honestly,” I said.In “Tasting the Mistress’ Chocolate,” Carmen was used to men not being able to handle her.Perhaps that’s why she became the best dominatrix in the entire city. Her newest client, a handsome white man, couldn’t help himself as soon as he walked into the door of her hotel room.He stripped naked immediately, and what followed was intense scenes of him tasting Carmen’s chocolate at every command she issues.WARNING! This story is guaranteed to get you hot. It features intense scenes of dominance and submission, licking and sucking, self pleasure, toys, face sitting, face riding, ass play, humiliation and so much more. Excerpt:I still got it, Carmen thought to herself. She stroked her hands from Bryan’s abdomen all the way up to his chest and applied pressure to his nipples, pinching both between her fingers. She leaned forward and licked his ear, making sure to whisper into his ear with exaggerated breath. “So Bryan, what is it that brings you here tonight?” she asked.As soon as he opened his mouth, Carmen soundly popped him in the mouth with a smack from her hand.“You speak when I let you speak—rule number one,” she said.Bryan’s eyes popped wide open, full of attention. He nodded his head obediently. “Don’t even answer that question. I already know exactly why you’re here,” Carmen said.“It’s because of my round… brown … juicy, black ass … isn’t it?” she asked, taking a sexy pause between each adjective. Bryan nodded enthusiastically. “Speak. Either ‘yes, mistress’ or ‘yes, my queen’,” Carmen ordered. “Yes, Mistress,” Bryan said.

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