Clandestine Affair - Women's Erotica/Erotic Romance Tena Seldan Author

Clandestine Affair - Women's Erotica/Erotic Romance Tena Seldan Author
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Clandestine Affair is a Women’s Erotica/Erotic Romance short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.After being stood up by her fiancée, Amber Cole was devastated. She can’t believe that he broke it off two days before the wedding. She could have cried herself into a depression but instead she decided to take the tickets they bought for their honeymoon and go to Las Vegas on her own. She is determined to have a good time instead of sitting around crying. She is strolling through the lobby, and is where she meets Matias Romero the owner of the casino. There is an instant attraction between these two opposite people. Matias is intrigued by the sad-eyed blonde. She is attracted to his dark, exotic handsomeness. They have a very palpable tension between them and they can’t deny themselves. Matias’ ex- wife Carmen stirs up trouble and threatens to break Amber and Matias up. Will she or will their love survive all odds? Are they destined to be together?ExcerptAfter the shock of her breakup just a little over a week ago, Amber couldn’t believe she was on a plane headed for Las Vegas. She and Jonathon had planned to go there for their honeymoon among other places as well. Amber had used mostly her money to buy the trip so she figured she may as well not waste it. Now as she was headed on a plane alone, she was kind of regretting it. She had invited her best friend Nikki to come along, but she couldn’t get away from work. So here was 25-year-old Amber Cole alone going to Las Vegas. What was she thinking?She was thinking she was going to try and live it up, get drunk, party and gamble, and get Jonathon out of her heart and her mind for good. Amber just hoped she wasn’t kidding herself. About an hour and a half later, Amber was unlocking the door to her honeymoon suite. It made her very sad and nostalgic to come inside. This is the room she and Jonathon had picked out from the brochure. Damn him! How could he do this to her? Amber went inside the pale blue decorated honeymoon suite. There were white roses in vases, silk sheets on the bed, and his and her towels hanging from the bars in the bathroom.Amber decided she was not going to sit around feeling sorry for herself, so she decided to get showered and go downstairs and have some fun. She put on a tight little red dress and black high heels. She was looking hot tonight with her long blonde hair pulled up in a sexy French knot.

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