Clint Folsom Mysteries Compendium Vol 2 (Gay Erotica/Gay Murder Mysteries) Habu Author

Clint Folsom Mysteries Compendium Vol 2 (Gay Erotica/Gay Murder Mysteries) Habu Author
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In this second volume of the Clint Folsom Mysteries Compendium, which includes a previously unpublished Clint Folsom adventure, Death to the Past, the concluding months of Clint’s life as an NPYD special homicide unit detective are chronicled. This four-book set, picking up a dozen years after the Death in Eden adventure that ended the first volume of the compendium, spins out the satyriasis influences of hedonism and sexual want and preference for rough-handling sex that developed in Clint in his early life.After several years of successful work in an NYPD unit using men’s weaknesses to other men in closing criminal cases, Death in Key West takes Clint on what was supposed to be a vacation in Key West, Florida, on the yacht of the producer of many of his movie star parents’ Hollywood movies. Clint isn’t even in the air for very long, winging his way to the Keys, before he is both reunited with an old colleague and lover and being propelled into a murder case that dredges up his own past. This mystery solved, he is on the move beyond New York City again in his professional capacity, first, on loan to the Colorado authorities in Death in the Rockies to try to prevent a murder of a key witness at a male brothel dude ranch, and then to Hollywood, in Death in Hollywood, to come to terms with his own parents’ mysterious deaths twenty-one years earlier. In a concluding, never-before-published adventure, Death to the Past, Clint races back to Manhattan to help save his new life-partner, Hank Halston, who, while under cover, has disappeared into the world of old-style gangster families.The compendium ends with Clint finding a love of his early life and beginning a new phase of his life.