Coach's Private Lessons: Hot Gay Erotica Keith Yates Author

Coach's Private Lessons: Hot Gay Erotica Keith Yates Author
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The coach knew he shouldn’t be watching… TJ has a case of culture shock when he enters college. He loses his girlfriend, cannot focus on his basketball and is losing grip on his grades. In short, he is in trouble. He is lucky enough to have his coach give him a pep talk and recommend a good tutor, which helps him enormously. But not having a girlfriend is giving him difficulty in the lower region, and he finally finds a place to relieve himself. He finally finds a balance between the three, giving each his full attention. And then he finds out that he really isn’t paying attention to what can bring him down. Down on his knees, that is. What does he have to do to get him out of this trouble he brought upon himself? Or will he run and make a fool out of himself? SAMPLE 1: TJ began thinking about his other teammates and seeing them all naked. He could still see them in his head with their athletic bodies and swinging cocks. His own cock jumped and twitched as he turned on the water. He began to shampoo his hair and rinse it out. Then he picked up the soap and began lathering up his body. He did his arms, running his hands up and down the lean muscles. He was feeling his young firm biceps. He was feeling the soft blonde hair on his forearms as he ran the soap up into his sweaty pits. Then he began on his chest. He was running his soapy hands over his pecks. He was running his soapy fingers over his nipples. His nipples responded to the attention and grew hard as did his dick. His hand slid down his smooth chest down over his flat belly down into his pubes. He ran the soap through his brown pubes and under to his balls. He cupped his balls as his other hand began to slide up and down his hardening cock… SAMPLE 2: He was quite surprised by the sight. TJ was standing there letting the water run over his naked body. His fist was wrapped around his rock hard cock. His other hand was cupping and fondling his balls. His fist was pumping up and down his boy meat fast and hard. The coach watched the boy jacking his cock. Coach watched as TJ was squeezing his balls as he stroked that rock hard young cock. It was quite a hot sight. His cock was growing hard inside his pants. The sight of the naked kid stroking his hard cock was sending surges into the Coach’s own dick. TJ’s smooth young body was glistening wet and trails of soap suds traveled down the tan skin. It was more than the cock in his pants could stand. The coach was fully hard and rubbing his big meat through his pants…