Contemporary College Erotica: A Is For Aide Portis Newman Author

Contemporary College Erotica: A Is For Aide Portis Newman Author
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A Is For Aide is a Contemporary College Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Mindy Honeycutt is a beautiful young woman working on her Master’s degree. A bit of a slow-starter, she has managed to snag the much-desired position of aide to Professor Todd Grant. And Mindy knows that it wasn’t her brains that got her the position – it was her body. She also doesn’t care; the job has done great things for her educational career. She and the professor have more than just work in common – they are both deeply unsatisfied with their sex lives. He’s in the middle of marital problems; she’s always too busy for a boyfriend. So when a cancelled meeting threatens to cause more work for her, Mindy invites the good professor home to go over research papers. Although she tells herself it’s just to work, Mindy starts to think it may turn into something more. As the night unfolds, it may turn into a meeting of a entirely different sort.Excerpt:She needed a man. It’d been nearly a year since her last tumble between the sheets. It was quite obvious that Professor Grant, Todd, hadn’t had a piece of ass for a lot longer than that.Conveniently for her, she’d be having him over soon. She decided to wait and see where the evening went. When Professor Grant arrived, he was greeted by a stunning sight. Mindy was wearing tiny, tiny sweat shorts and a tight tank top that exposed her delicious midsection. Mindy’s nipples were already hard and they were straining very visibly against the fabric of her top. She decided to exclude panties and bra from her attire. This was her home, after all, and she felt like being comfortable while they worked. Right?Professor Grant stammered his greeting. Mindy could see the hunger in his eyes. He was hooked and she knew it.

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