Contemporary College Erotica: BFF Always Share Ethen Shear Author

Contemporary College Erotica: BFF Always Share Ethen Shear Author
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BFF Always Share is a Contemporary College and Multiple Partner Erotica short story - M/F, F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.This is the story of two roommates and BFF in the same time, Selena and Jenny, who discovered that they have something in common: SEX. Selena has always known how much Selena likes sex; she can usually hear Selena with one of her many partners at least two times a week. One Monday night they went out for some drinks and met two guys: Frank and Mike. While deciding which girl likes which boy best, they play some drinking games. Both boys love the attention and the girls discover they make the perfect sex team. This leads the two girls and two boys into a crazy orgy. The girls may even continue the party on their own back at their apartment. It was so good that the four of them decided to make a deal and to have the same kind of orgy every Monday night. The boys certainly are up for it.Excerpt:It was a Monday night. And since everyone hates Mondays, a couple of drinks with Jenny sounded perfect. The pub was much like a sausage fest, only four girls were in there and tons of guys. Jenny, who is a little sex addict, was so happy with the atmosphere. She has at least three or four guys a week and they all come at our place to bang. Actually I heard her enough to be able to give scores for the boy’s performance based on her moaning. A fine and passionate moaning and I have to admit that more than once it makes me feel very horny and sometimes I like to masturbate listening at the sounds she makes. So back to my story, we were drinking at a table when two freshmen boys came and ask if they could offer a drink. I thought “Why not?” A long time had pass since I’ve been with a freshman. It was in my first year of college. They were super cute, and sometimes they didn’t know how to handle the flirt, so we had to take the initiative. Jenny proposed that the first that will finish the bottle of beer would get the chance to kiss me. I told her that she was crazy for proposing such a thing, but to be fair I kind of liked the guy who was sitting next to me. His name was Mike and a French kiss from him didn’t sound bad, didn’t sound bad at all. Fortune made that he was the winner of the challenge and we started kissing right away. Frank, the other guy, who was sitting next to Jenny, asked for a second place prize and Jenny gave him one, a kiss on the neck that made his young cock get harder. When Jenny saw that, she couldn’t hold herself from touching it. With her hand between Frank’s legs, he began to change his attitude. One could see on his face that he was horny. I started to like Frank too, but I couldn’t decide whom to fuck with that night. I was already horny and ready for some action myself.

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