Contemporary College Erotica: The Bang Club Kellen Prime Author

Contemporary College Erotica: The Bang Club Kellen Prime Author
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The Bang Club is a Contemporary College Erotica short story - M/F, M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Eight strangers caught up in the sweltering heat of chaotic Bangkok decide to take a breather from their explorations and explore each other. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well apparently the same is true for Bangkok. A group of backpackers stumble upon each other in the chaos, and needing the familiarity of English, they get together for drinks and some dinner. Of course, eight young people in the prime of both sexual and other appetites, it doesn’t take much suggestion to get them all playing a rather physical game. The problem with getting all hot and horizontal with complete strangers is that you end up with a lot of unanswered questions, the kind that can only be answered by getting hot and horizontal again, and again! By the time the group leaves Bangkok, there is no doubt that whoever each of them happens to sleep with next will be in for the ride of their lives, having at their fingertips the sum of eight sexual explorations that culminated in a four-day lesson in multiple orgasms.Excerpt:It isn’t long before the game of cards is abandoned for reckless discussions about puberty, first sexual experiences, and current fantasies. The boys seem intrigued by the vivid descriptions the South Africans give of their fantasies, speaking in tandem as though they are one person having the same fantasy. They speak as if they deliberately want to arouse the five men in the room with them, strewn carelessly on the floor, half on mattresses, half not. Bakeem soon lays on his stomach in an effort to hide his cock, the others adjusting their own dicks in their shorts. The tequila goes around once more and then the girls decide that they would further torture the dicks in the room by losing their tank tops and suggesting body shots. This catches the men by surprise as all of them in the room, the girls included, are straight as arrows, upstanding model students who have incredible discipline or else they would not have made the significant achievements they have. But Bangkok is like Vegas: you do crazy things here that you wouldn’t dare do anywhere else because Bangkok knows how to keep a secret. The African-Americans are much more adventurous than the Brits and it isn’t long before they’re licking salt off bellies, picking up shots out of belly-buttons and biting lemon wedges from delicate necks. Most of the licking that follows is more indulgence than necessity and since the girls aren’t complaining, the envelope keeps being pushed a little further. It isn’t long before Ethan and Luke get in on the action in true British fashion, pouring tequila up sexy elongated legs and then licking it up all the way to the inner thigh. The other guys see the possibilities of this and dare with all the American arrogance in them to rid the females of their shorts, leaving the super sexy vixens in nothing but bikini bottoms tied by tiny strings at the sides. Bakeem is the first to let his tongue graze lightly over Natalie’s cunt, and when the pussy follows him as he lifts his head to check for resistance he knows that the game is about to be elevated. It’s up to him and Natalie now to give the cue to the others, in the hope that they will take it. The rain pouring down outside sets the perfect atmosphere for the kind of fucking that is possible if everybody lets go and plays nice. Natalie lifts her cunt towards Bakeem, whose head is between her legs. She sways her hips from side to side before settling her ass back on the floor. Bakeem’s tongue is already out of his mouth as he follows her down, zones in on the pussy and gives her bikini several hard licks so as to appease the vagina beneath the fabric. Suddenly all eyes fall on the two who have just taken body shots to a whole other level.