Contemporary Workplace Erotica: The Teacher Stefan Mckinnins Author

Contemporary Workplace Erotica: The Teacher Stefan Mckinnins Author
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The Teacher is a Contemporary Workplace Erotica short story - M/F, F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.The young new pastor was always assigned to give the youth their training in the basics of the faith. The program was well designed to use parent involvement as well as clergy. The classes were on Wednesday nights and parents were expected to be there to help with control. When Amanda showed up with her husband, young son, and teenage daughter, Katy, they quickly disappeared to catch up with friends. Amanda was eager to help Pastor Glen. But when she saw him, she was stunned at how handsome and rugged he looked. His conservative clothing could not cover up that toned body underneath. He was probably used to moms staring at him. But the girls of the class swooned as well. He was a good man who replaced the last youth pastor who got fired for being caught having sex with one of the older kids in the youth group. Soon Amanda found herself alone to hear the pastor’s talk and being alone with him set off passions neither could control. Little did Amanda know that in another part of the church, the new pastor’s wife was discovering a new passion in her that she didn’t know was there as well and this was for Amanda’s 18-year-old daughter Katy.Excerpt:Katy had just turned 18, so this was a great summer to be an intern with the middle schoolers. She was excited to be working under the handsome new youth pastor that the church had just hired. He had only been in leadership for a month and already Pastor Glen was loved by the kids and parents alike. In Katy’s mind, it didn’t hurt that Pastor Glen was drop-dead sexy and gorgeous although she knew those thoughts of fucking him were so very wrong so she kept them to herself.The youth department also had plenty of work to do for moms and that is where Mrs. Henderson had found her niche. As soon as Jim dropped Katy and her at the youth wing to take Stevie over to his activities, Amanda hugged Katy and went to the kitchen area to see if how the snack preparation was coming along. For the most part the family did not see each other again until they gathered to go home after their exciting night at the church.Katy entered the offices of the youth ministry and the two other youth interns were already there doing preparations for the evening and for the next weekend’s activities. “Is Pastor Glen here yet?” Katy said to Mindy and Samantha casually.“If he was here, don’t you think Samantha would be on top of him?” Mindy said in a very catty way.

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