Controlling the Hacker (Gay Erotica) Lilith T. Bell Author

Controlling the Hacker (Gay Erotica) Lilith T. Bell Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
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Nick has the superhuman ability to control electromagnetism. His career as a thief and hacking efforts to find others like himself draw the attention of sexy telepath Dolan, who wants Nick to repent his wicked ways and join his group of superheroes.Dolan isn’t willing to take no for an answer and will do absolutely anything to ensure Nick says yes. How long can Nick hold out before he’s begging…both to join and for Dolan’s body?Content: This gay superhero themed erotica involves mind control, spanking, domination, explicit sex, and a first time gay experience.Excerpt:He raised an eyebrow slightly, then stood up and stepped away from the laptop. “Stop it.”“Stop what?” I asked innocently.“Using your power. Did you really think a mundane would come to recruit you?”I stared at him somewhat blankly. Yeah, that had been what I thought, because I couldn’t really wrap my mind around ever meeting another person like me. I’d come across people who claimed to be psychic or bullshit like that, but they were just crazy or con-artists. There was nothing physical to indicate I was using my power. Had he read my mind?“Yeah, I did,” he said and I swallowed hard. Well that complicated things. “I also know you’re a desperate closeted virgin who’s been ogling me since I showed up. So why don’t you stop trying to find ways out of this and just accept a bright new future?”“Or what? What’s the threat here? Are you gonna shoot me? Or just mindfuck me until I say yes?”Dolan—if that was his real name—chuckled before he lunged toward me. His hands pushed my shoulders back to pin them against the back of the couch and he straddled my lap, effectively holding me in place.“There are better things to fuck than your mind.”I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep myself from reacting to suddenly having a gorgeous man in my lap. The fact that he’d broken in here for some shady secret purpose didn’t matter to my libido.