Couple's Erotica: House Of Shadows Candra Aubrey Author

Couple's Erotica: House Of Shadows Candra Aubrey Author
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House Of Shadows is an Action and Adventure and Couple’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Twenty-year-old Ranie Two, her eighteen-year-old sister Cyndee Three, twenty-three-year-old Zak One, and twenty-year-old Tym Four are all members of an elite black ops group assigned to surveillance of a notorious drug lord while they wait for the kill order. Problem is, what to do with all of the down time they suddenly have on their hands? Zak and Ranie have made great use of their friendship in the past; fortunately, it is acceptable behavior for agents to pass the time and release tensions in each other’s arm. Cyndee has always longed for Tym to take her, but he has been wary because of her age and out of respect for her sister who is a colleague. Cyndee has no problem taking matters into her own hands. Each couple takes the time to make the most of their allowed dalliances to thoroughly work through their various frustrations and bring each other to the brink of satisfaction and exhaustion, all in the name of a good day’s work.Excerpt:The house was dark when Ranie returned, but she knew that her companions inside were watching, waiting. She set the bag of groceries on the porch, pushed her short black waves out of her face and stepped inside. She hadn’t gone more than a few feet down the darkened hallway before a pair of strong arms wrapped around her, one hand covering her mouth, and she was thrown against the wall. She brought up a knee, but it was blocked. She grabbed at the shirt of the man holding her and fisted the material, tugging on it. One of his hands slid underneath the hem of her shirt, bare palm skimming over her flat stomach.She laughed; she couldn’t help it. The hand over her mouth fell away. “It tickled.” Her gray eyes danced.

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