Couples Sexy Story Time: The Smith Couples Erotica Compilation #1 Mr and Mrs Smith Author

Couples Sexy Story Time: The Smith Couples Erotica Compilation #1 Mr and Mrs Smith Author
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(WARNING! This Short Story contains EXPLICIT sex acts including multiple partners, multiple penetrations and many kinky sex acts. Please do not proceed if you are offended by XXX-rated porn-erotica.)This collection of 10 short stores offered a total of 423 paperback size sizzling pages of erotica, 77,310 words. Follow the Smith Couple as they experiment with another man in The Birthday Present, explore a kinky Swingers Resort in The Ranch, get ultra kinky with a Transgendered in The Big Surprise, and go to their first Key Party and test their kinky limits on a Wife Swapping experience in The Cruise. Plus others, this is explicit and kinky erotica, as on The Smith Couple can write. Save with you buy this compilation! Books within this collection include:The Invitation - A couples visit to the Playboy MansionAfter meeting another young hot LA couple to serve as their tour guides, the couple ends up in the Grotto and Playroom with two bunnies, making for a very kinky six-some only the Mansion can host!The Big Surprise: A Couple’s First Time With a TransgenderThe couple picks-up a hot blonde and a big breasted bartender, one of them turns out to have more than they expected!The Key Party - A Couples First Time at a Swingers House PartyThe couple got far more than they expected at a neighbors swinging party!The Malibu House - A couples first time with swingers bondageThe couple is met at the airport by a hot blonde that takes them on a horny limo ride, and that was just the start of their kinky weekend as they are introduced to bondage for the first time!The Birthday Present - A couple’s first time with another manA very kinky wife wants to give her husband a birthday night present he will not forget. So she hires a masseur, and makes her husband watch as the massage turns into something completely unexpected for them both. The Cruise Ship, A Couples First Time to Wife SwapThe couple thought they were taking a normal cruise to get away, little did they know the couple they would be sharing a balcony with would share far more.The BVI Charter, A Couples First Time on a Swingers BoatTropics, sun, sand and hot hard bodies are all part of this wild erotic adventure as the couple and her friend have fun on deck and even venture into underwater fun on SCUBA! The Ranch: A Couples First Time at a Swinging ResortThe couple was looking forward to the special ranch resort that offered hiking, a pool, hot tub, and was also known as a swingers resort, but they found far more than they anticipated.The Wine Bar: A Couple’s First Time with OthersA couple is enjoying their favorite date night at their usual hotel wine bar when another couple and single hot guy approach them to come to their Hotel suite for their first multi-partner experience.Couples Sexy Story Time: The Hermaphrodite, A Couple’s First time ExperienceThe couple was having drinks at a beachfront Mexican bar and meet a hot Blonde with male and female parts!

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