Couplets Without Rhyme - Gay Erotica/Confessional Erotica Kellie Granier Author

Couplets Without Rhyme - Gay Erotica/Confessional Erotica Kellie Granier Author
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Couplets Without Rhyme is a Gay Erotica/Confessional Erotica short story - M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Sam flees to Munich, Germany, to escape his closest friend and writing partner, consumed by desires he shouldn’t possess for another man. But William refuses to leave his thoughts, and though he devotes himself to work, he can’t heal. By what seems like to random a chance to be real, Sam finds William sitting in a corner, in a café, in Munich. Sam cannot believe his eyes, but everything fits. His friend is even writing in the same blue journal which he always keeps. He approaches the image of William and finds that it is in fact him. After drinking copious amounts of wine, they quickly find themselves in a room where their tongues, and soon other things, begin to dance in the heat of passion. But because Sam can’t forget the man he loves, is his obsession real, or the product of wine and opium? Are his desires intense enough to give him delusions? Or is his time with William real?ExcerptNobody had ever kissed Sam like that before. Not that he had received many kisses before that moment. His wife’s kisses were short and perfunctory, and he’d only ever scraped up the courage to kiss one other girl, but she wouldn’t have him and didn’t want to marry him. William kissed him like he’d been waiting for the chance for a very long time. The force of that kiss answered all the questions he had before - of course Will thought about him, and missed him, and maybe he shared Sam’s yearning. There was no maybe about it. No, judging from the force of the kiss, the raw sensuality of his mouth moving over Sam’s, they were on the same page once again. They’d always had a certain understanding between them, a magic chemistry that Sam never shared with anybody else. They were kindred spirits. Uniquely matched souls and that was a fact Sam knew since he first read Will’s poetry, four years before they ever met.

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