Cowboy Hope Gay Erotica Vivian Leigh Author

Cowboy Hope Gay Erotica Vivian Leigh Author
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Danny’s spent four hard years working his way up at the ranch, so when his boss discovers that he’s gay, his whole world is turned upside. Darren, Danny’s older, handsome boss has a secret of his own: he got out of the rodeo business so he could live a quieter life where people wouldn’t know about the men in his life. After Danny and Darren hookup, Danny turns his attention to another, younger cowboy. Darren’s already threatened Danny with expulsion from the ranch if he can’t keep his hands to himself, so Danny’s walking a fine line when he continues his illicit trysts. Can Danny control his sexual urges, or will his promiscuous ways see him fired from the only job he’s ever loved?This stand-alone short story is the third part of the Cowboy Secrets trilogy. It contains 4500 adult-only words that include gay cowboys, blowjobs, a ménage a trois, and enough gay sex to satisfy even the most amorous cowboy.