Cum Out And Play 3 Adventurous Gay Erotica Stories Dixon Cox Author

Cum Out And Play 3 Adventurous Gay Erotica Stories Dixon Cox Author
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have you ever just been used by a man? This collection of steamy, almost taboo gay erotica stories from Dixon Cox brings you three men’s very different stories about their wildest sexual escapades. Too hot too handle? Not for these men! WARNING: Cum Out And Play is a 13,600+ word collection of three gay hardcore erotica short stories, featuring gay and bisexual men exploring their wildest fantasies. Cum Rug: Dan might be married, but that hasn’t stopped him from exploring his more feminine side with other men. While his wife is out working late, he’s talking to other men on the internet, looking for some filthy fun. Tonight, he has arranged to meet up with a local man at his home. Dressed up like a good little sissy boy, he can’t wait to lie down and let this man do vile things for him - just for fun! Cum Jug: When Steve invited me for a week of fun at his isolated home, I dropped everything to join him. I didn’t even tell my wife. He promised me all the fluids I could consume, and the offer was simply too irresistible for me to pass on. I soon found myself the star of his porn movie, with only one theme. I was joining a cult that worshipped the phallus - I was to go through a series of degrading trials Cum Zug: A lot of things can happen when traveling, as Chris finds out on a train from Berlin to Munich when he meets a German man, Alex, who challenges him about his prudish American sensibilities. Chris isn’t one to back down from a challenge and sets out to prove Alex wrong. His bi-curiosity gets the better of him, and the train ride gets wild…