Earth Cry (Gay Erotica Anthology) Habu Author

Earth Cry (Gay Erotica Anthology) Habu Author
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Man works both for and against the earth, In these seven variously mystical, damning, challenging, and humorous Earth Day–themed stories, habu strips the relationship of human beings to the Earth and heavens—at or near the beginning of time—down to the basic elements of man’s relation to nature and spirit in a primitive-beat, erotic mix of different approaches to shared fundamental questions. Who is in charge here? And how do we, as human beings, connect to and adjust our own basic wants and desires to the glories and delicate balance of the universe?Starting back before time began, “Strip Evolution” is a tongue-in-cheek explanation of the creation story. Moving along in time, “Out of Sun” depicts primitive man seeing earth rhythms as messages from the gods that man had to serve and try to manipulate. The attempt by man to both serve and manipulate the earth in a primitive environment continues with “The Provider.” “Hey, Good Buddy,” moves the anthology into the modern world with a humorous ditty of two park rangers using environmental concerns to score with a young, unwitting fisherman. The humor continues with a misunderstanding in dealing with hazardous electronic waste in “Hijacked.” Turning serious, both “Marsh Assault” and “For the Glory of the Earth” deal with the fight of environmentalists against those who would defile and degrade the Earth in their greed for short-term profit.