Eight in D (8 Gay Erotica Shorts) Habu Author

Eight in D (8 Gay Erotica Shorts) Habu Author
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The only common thread in this mostly never-before-published collection of eight stories other than that they are all gay male and that they came from habu’s wide-ranging, creative imagination is that their titles consist of one word, beginning with the letter D. In theme, the stories range from nostalgia to humor to intrigue and deception. The geographic setting for all, except one played out between India and Thailand, is the United States. The stateside locales of this collection concentrate primarily in and within 100 miles of Washington, D.C., but they also extend from the mid-Atlantic down to Charleston, South Carolina, and out to Mesa Verde, in Arizona. The age of the characters seeking connection ranges from elderly down to young men, and most hook-ups are of the older-younger variety.