Erotica 2 : Secretary Nicolas Blanc Author

Erotica 2 : Secretary Nicolas Blanc Author
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Jillian, a young and beautiful secretary is in the thrall of her powerful and domineering boss, Olivia and will do everything she can to satisfy her, including meeting the dark sexual desires of the secret society who meet at Olivia’s country mansion. Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to stop her company being taken over by her arch rival and seeks the help of a former lover, Louis, who is a major shareholder in the company. In return for his help Louis wants Olivia served on a silver platter. Jillian, Olivia and Louis play sexual games with each other as the stakes get higher and their desires become darker and more intense.Erotica 2 : The Secretary is the second book in the Erotica Series and is a dangerously sexy read for lovers of stories of dominance and submission in the tradition of The Story of O and Fifty Shades of Grey.

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