Erotica: Boiling Point Veronica Lolonda Anderson Author

Erotica: Boiling Point Veronica Lolonda Anderson Author
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Kate is closing the doors of her once popular restaurant, a place where Leo comes to eat and loves her from a far. When he finds out that she may be leaving forever, he is suddenly pushed into revealing his true feelings. William’s boss, Chad, knows that the man has feelings for him but he needs to find the right way to get him to admit it. A late night at the office has William craving for more than he has ever had the nerve to ask for. Crystal used to enjoy coming to Hair Fact Salon, that was until the new owner, Joy, started pushing her to the end of the line. Crystal dozes off in her chair at the salon and awakes to find that Joy has placed her in a delicate situation. Asia plans a surprise visit to see her parents after months of being away on assignment. Her car dies on a lonely stretch of highway. Just when she’s about to give up, an old associate materializes to save the day but can he keep his desires at bay? Sarah believes that her son’s new teacher, Edward Helmet, has gone out of his way to make her son miserable. When he sends a letter home by her son, requesting a parent-teacher conference, Sarah jumps at the opportunity to put the man in his place. Who says one night has to be the end? This is erotica with a heart. (All characters are 18 and older.)

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