Erotica Bundle #1 Chloe Jennson Author

Erotica Bundle #1 Chloe Jennson Author
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Three Erotica books in one special bundle. Life’s a Beach: Samantha and Daniel are having problems with their marriage, and are on their way to an island resort to try and make things work again. Neither of them could have guessed what one little vacation would do. When they arrive, things start looking up and Daniel feel like maybe this vacation might just fix everything, but things take a turn when another couple turns up at their apartment and offers them both a proposal. Taking the other couple up on their offer, Samantha and Daniel experience things they never would have considered doing before arriving in paradise. With their new friends, Samantha and Daniel embark on a journey that will teach them more about each other and more about themselves. Will this chance encounter fix all of their problems? Or cause an unfixable rift in their marriage? And what will become of the other couple? Bowled Over: Grace and Rebecca are living their dreams, running their own bike shop. Rebecca has a steady boyfriend, who is a high flying lawyer, but when handsome sandwich delivery guy Paul comes into her life she decides to date him too. As Rebecca’s love life begins to take over, she spends less and less time at work, which angers Grace. As a way of trying to make it up to her, Rebecca sets up a date for Grace to join her and Paul them along with her friend Alan. But when only Grace and Paul turn up for the double date, things get hot between them and they end up in bed together. With her conscience troubling her, Grace keeps the secret from Rebecca, until she discovers that she may be pregnant with Paul’s child. Then, in one explosive argument, she reveals the betrayal to Rebecca risking their friendship in the process. What will happen to Grace and Paul? Will they stay together? Will Rebecca be able to forgive them and move on with her life, or will the betrayal by her best friend mean the end of their relationship, and their business. Rivals Unbound: Rachel is young, innocent and looking for love. When she is invited on a date by the handsome, but undependable Karl, she is thrilled. And when their relationship moves to the next level a few weeks later, Rachel is excited and thinks that she has found the man of her dreams. But it emerges that Karl has filmed them sleeping together, and is now sharing it around his friends at college. Rachel is devastated and turns to her friend, Matt, making her own video in revenge. Things take a turn, however, when Rachel’s friend Ana realizes she is gay and becomes jealous of Rachel’s relationships. She seduces Karl, causing a rift between them which looks like it will destroy their friendship forever. When Rachel eventually returns from some time away with Matt and some reassessment of her life, she and Ana find comfort in one another. Has Rachel suddenly found love in an unexpected place? Is Ana really the one for her? Or will Matt be able to win her back and show her that he is the man for her?