Erotica Collection: 5 Erotic Stories Alex Exley Author

Erotica Collection: 5 Erotic Stories Alex Exley Author
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5 Erotic Stories is a collection of previously released novelettes and short stories packaged together for your convenience–giving you another option to purchase these stories at a savings over their individual prices. Over 55,000 words of exquisite erotica for only $2.99. The stories in this collection include:Going to California (word count: 11,660)Jesse, an upstanding Midwestern guy, is having problems. An old friend invites Jesse to go to California to get away from his problems at home. It seems like a good idea, until he meets his friend’s girlfriend.Easy Money (7,400)Lauren is an adventurous young college girl who answers an ad to pose nude. She is hesitant at first, and decides to meet with Tim, the photographer, to see how she feels about it. While there, the situation stirs her libido and takes on elements of a fantasy. But everything isn’t what it appears to be.Send in the Clown (13,600)Erin feels like her marriage has lost its spark. When a mix-up at her job as a performance clown lands her with a group of college guys who were expecting a stripper, she’s tempted to do something she’s never imagined. Private Dick (5,700)Life doesn’t come with any guarantees. Such is the realization of Lester Young, a private eye who’s spent too much swilling beer with the boozehounds at Lugey’s Pub. But Lester’s determined to live life to the fullest instead of watching it pass him by. When a case leads him to a pair of cheating lesbian lovers, he knows just what he has to do. Young Love, Young Lust (17,000)Brian and Liz are a college-aged couple trying to navigate the rocky terrain of a young relationship. Liz wants a stronger commitment from Brian; Brian likes Liz, but he’s young and horny and wants to play the field. After experimenting sexually to try to find some common ground, their expectations are turned upsidedown.The story is told from alternating points of view, and some of the action repeats as we see it first from Brian’s and then Liz’s perspective.Total word count: 55,400 Contains adult content and descriptions. Not intended for persons under age 18.

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