Erotica! Fan Favorites K.B. Stevens Author

Erotica! Fan Favorites K.B. Stevens Author
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The readers have spoken! Here are the top 5 favorite dirty sex stories from bestselling erotica writer K.B. Stevens in one volume. These devious tales are not for the easily offended, but definitely guaranteed to get you off! The stories included are: Hypnotized & Used For Sex, My Nubile Future Daughter-in-law, My Preacher Coerced Me Into Sex, Reluctant Gangbang Girl, and Sexing The Special Needs Girl. Also includes Take Off Your Top; episode #1 of The Sin Room erotic mystery. Over 42,000 words of dubious dealings certain to get you hot and bothered.Hypnotized & Used For Sex: Dillon plans to try out his hypnotism on his virginal girlfriend, but he’s interrupted by her snobby, conceited, cock-blocking roommate Hannah. When Dillon unexpectedly finds himself alone with Hannah one night he decides a change of plans is in order, but what price will he pay when everything is said and done?My Nubile Future Daughter in law: How can Brittany save her Nana’s house from foreclosure? Her fiance’s daddy; Mr. Burke could probably help. He did work at the bank, after all. And certainly being his future daughter-in-law should count for something. How far would she go to save Nana’s house?My Preacher Coerced Me Into Sex: Brittany finds herself in the unholy hands of dirty old Pastor Schaaft who insist that she, “atones” for all of her depraved sins during a private confession in his rectory apartment.Reluctant Gangbang Girl: When Vanessa’s fiancé Billy is accused of a heinous crime, how far will she go to secure his freedom? And did she love him enough to make a deal with Dillon; her creepy stalker neighbor from across the street, who claims he holds the only chance for her fiancé to duck a lengthy prison term.Sexing The Special Needs Girl: Jerry’s life takes a bizarre turn when he’s dumped by his girlfriend and gets accosted by Betty, the curvy young woman who lives in the apartment across the hall, who despite having an intellectual disability was a rocket scientist when it came to “special” bedroom gymnastics.Take Off Your Top: Ever since Tina was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a rich and famous fashion model. And now, with high school graduation just around the corner, she was ready to pursue modeling full time.The only thing holding her back was getting enough money to put together a professional high-quality portfolio. When Tina decides to take her clothes off for money at the local gentleman’s club she quickly finds herself sexually ensnared in a volatile love triangle that leads to murder, kidnapping, and revenge.