Erotica for Romantics Candy García Author

Erotica for Romantics Candy García Author
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How many times have you wanted to send love or erotic phrases on your mobile and it has left you blank? Would you like to have a source of resources so that it does not happen?In Erotica for Romantics you will find 100 phrases of love and 201 erotic phrases to devote to whoever you want.This resource comes out of the yearnings of my soul and my bed.They are just feelings, confessed or not, passions and desires to give pleasure and receive it.This book is an essential resource to woo, conquer and seduce through words and short phrases, ideal to send by social media or mobile messaging.These verses also speak of love. At first, they were only going to talk about sex, but for me, inspired by the person for whom they are inspired, it is impossible to separate love and sex.In these verses we speak of seduction through the word and there is no relationship that does not begin with sweet words of love.Love and sex is freedom, freedom to love, to do and to receive. This is a fun game that sometimes hurts.