Erotica Lover's Collection G & V Gilbert Author

Erotica Lover's Collection G & V Gilbert Author
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Kate’s been a busy girl! Meet her in winter, a blossoming writer of erotica. Follow her into the darkest recesses of her fertile imagination as she tells her tales seasoned with fresh perspective. Within you’ll find 15 explosive stories of both straight and transgendered adventures. Quote from Kate in Summer: Pausing to swivel my chair sideways, still engrossed in forbidden text, I undo one side slit skirt button. I rake the backs of my red-painted nails across my silk stockings, leaving brief swells to entice. There-more lady thigh you don’t get. Tight satin skirt fabric rides up, shimmering across my lap, announcing my next released button. I amuse myself, recrossing my legs, flexing and lifting the top knee high, rotating one ankle, picturing his tortured anatomy. I wonder how long and thick I’ve made him. I don’t even need to look down-I know there’s a stark white strip of thigh bared proud above my stocking top-oh, my fine lady-flesh, punished under my quivering black garter straps. He drums his fingers on the table. No, you bad little boy. Oh, you want it, but it’s all mine. And I’ll never let you near me. I trust once immersed, you’ll savour every sizzling second. Enjoy. ;-)

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