Erotica: Sexual Deviance Fonda Peters Author

Erotica: Sexual Deviance Fonda Peters Author
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Erotica: Sexual Deviance - Emily and Elicia When Emily and Alicia are born, they have no idea of the chaos they will bring to their parents’ life. Different in character, though identical in looks, Emily and Alicia both follow different courses within their lives - one wanting marriage, babies and all the trimmings, while the other is happy with non-committal sexual satisfaction similar to that which is obviously being experienced by an Aunt that she admires. Finding different ways in their lives, Emily works in nursing, while Alicia works for a legal company and has a wonderful apartment on the sea front. Their complicity is typical of close twins when Emily asks her sister a favour that is going to change her life forever. The only catch is that Alicia wants a favour in return. Will the favors work out? Will they both get what they want? Read the story, find out for yourself if there is satisfaction for both of them.

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