Erotica Short Stories for Women: This Book Includes: Historical Romance Erotica Short Story, Regency Erotic Romance Short Story AND Historical Erotica

Erotica Short Stories for Women: This Book Includes: Historical Romance Erotica Short Story, Regency Erotic Romance Short Story AND Historical Erotica
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Erotica Short Stories For Women - 3 BOOK BUNDLE!!Dirty Pleasures Of A Rebel CountessHe was every woman’s fantasy. She was every man’s nightmare.An outspoken rebel who fights for the rights of women, children and the underprivileged, Lady Arabella intimidates the lords and dukes of polite society. Yet one evening while biding her time as a standard society ball, the lady rebel does meet her match…The handsome, alluring Lord Drake Stanley has made it his mission to liberate the women of Regency London; seducing and tempting them until they forget their boundaries and their proper upbringing and succumb to indescribable pleasure.Yet in Lady Arabella he sees something more, a woman of strength and spirit who touches his heart as she stirs his desires.Suddenly Arabella is tempted to rebel against her conventional upbringing; seeking passion and adventure with a devil in disguise who vows to bring out the dirty rebel beneath the prim silken skirts. And Lord Drake is tempted to abandon his roguish ways and reserve his love and passion for one very remarkable woman. Together the couple takes London by storm, enjoying the affair of a lifetime. The Rogue: Seduction Of A Regency BrideHe was bound and determined to seduce another man’s wife. The brother of London’s most scandalous rogue, Callister Stanley, is far shyer and more retiring than his infamous older sibling. Yet when the gorgeous blond nobleman loses the love of his heart to an ill-made match with a wretched old lord, he becomes determined to make her his; using some of his brother’s tricks of the trade to lure and seduce her into a better, happier, and infinitely more sensual existence.The epitome of grace and ladylike demure, Lady Antonia Bradshaw endures her marriage to a rude, surly old lord with uncommon dignity and ever-ready strength; until, that is, her dearest friend—the handsome, captivating Callister Stanley—becomes her greatest temptation; romancing and seducing her into a passionate affair that uncovers and unleashes her deepest desires and most forbidden fantasies.Try as she might, Antonia cannot resist the man she has loved in secret for so long; and as she succumbs to his divine and decadent seduction, she just might find the love of a lifetime. Here Comes The BridesmaidHe was a seductive, adventurous French nobleman. She was the sister of the bride, ready to experience her own forbidden romance. Standing at the side of Lady Arabella Michaels, the fiery Regency rebel, her strong-willed sister Sigrid is honored to attend her dear sibling on the occasion of her wedding to Lord Drake Stanley, a handsome reformed rogue.Yet the restless, curious 21-year-old intellectual is ready to explore her own sensual side, and with the aid of a gorgeous, seductive dream man who will show her the way to love. She finds this gentleman in the perfect, passionate personage of Lord Avellino Borneau, a cousin of Drake and Callister Stanley who hails from Paris.Captivated by Sigrid’s strong-willed, cultured ways, Avellino makes it his mission to romance, please and seduce her; acting out her wildest fantasies as he himself discovers an exciting new experience: falling in love.If you are looking for a HOT Historical Erotica Stories, scroll up and hit Buy Now!

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