Erotica Short Stories Vol. 10 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 10 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a naughty milky role player between a boyfriend and his girlfriend, a bar owner taking advantage of a hot MILFs offer of love, a little moe obsession, the wolf turned man that will risk it all for the woman that he loves, and much more. There’s something for everyone within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 10’ contains the following short stories:# Arrested And Used (Domination)He didn’t stop. I didn’t stop him. Arrested then used, but isn’t that just an excuse?# Lucky Kitty (Role Play)Master gives Kitty her milk and she laps it all up while making a creamy white mess in the process. This is one lucky kitty!# Moe Obsession (Uniform)To fulfill one’s obsession - is there any greater glory? In the heart of the dark side of Tokyo a young American man finds erotic satisfaction and hope in the arms of a costumed Moe maid angel.# More Than He Expected (MILF)I never would have expect that such a thing was waiting for me at the hotel we agreed on, but, my-oh-my, was it waiting. There’s a limit to how much pleasure one can take… Or is there?# Smothered In Breasts (Big Breasts)My name is Mo and I own a titty bar. What more is there to know? Well, today is the day when I’m going to have a wonderful young mother come in for ‘work’ and earn hers in the most wonderful way. For those that love breasts – a lot!# The Love Of A Wolf (Paranormal)A forbidden love: A wolf who is also a man, a woman who is also something more, and the truth about what it means to desire something so much that even the fear of death would not stop you from taking that forbidden taste.# With Her Sister (Girlfriend’s Sister / Cheating)One man remembers exactly what happened on the first day of the year with someone that wasn’t his girlfriend at the very worst time possible. Surprising and sexy.

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