Erotica Short Stories Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a vampire finds himself in the hands of a gorgeous woman who turns the tables on him, a lesbian being instructed in the meaning of well hung, the seduction of a MILF teacher by one of her university students, and a confusion over whether a woman is black or not and if she’s sexy if she’s not. This and more within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 2’ contains the following short stories:# Blood Sucking Bad Boy (Role Reversal)This hot little tramp is going to get bitten. Being a vampire I have two things on my mind: Sex and Blood. Yet, This gorgeous waitress has a surprise for me. A hot twist that leaves one handsome vampire completely on his heels and reeling in the face of the woman’s sexy tactics. Get knocked down by sex and get back up for more. Wild sexy fun!# But I Am A Lesbian (Well Hung)No, I hate him. I hate this dirty filthy male. Andrea Hen does not lower herself to the shameful level of sex with men, and a ugly man beast of one at that. How dare he blackmail me? If only he wasn’t quite so hung… I suppose I could just touch it. Once. Just once… Sophie Sin brings us a reluctant - yet oh-so-willing - lesbian learning what well hung means for the first time in her life.# Instructed (Romance)A hot student-teacher seduction story. Some women men crave. They want them like a cold beer on a hot day or ice cream after a tooth ache. It’s the itch that can’t be scratched, but that does not go unnoticed. Mrs. Folks is that for young Hank the transfer student. Desperation does not even come close to describing desire for her.# Red Head In Red (Uniform)A gorgeous nurse and a overly handsome patient get up to some sexy late night antics. This nurse… With her uniform so tight and tauntingly sexy, I don’t dare pass up the opportunity to try and get her in bed. We might be in a busy hospital, but this overworked angel in white (or red in this case) is going to have her double slice of heaven right here and now. Too kinky!# She Ain’t Black (Interracial)Black on black or is it just a good tan? Us black guys don’t have it easy, but today things are going to come easy and that’s a very good thing because this hotty is one that I can’t bare to miss out on. Hot interracial action throughout.# Two Black Builders (Threesome)We were only supposed to paint the house, but this white woman needs a very special painting both inside and out and we only have one color and that’s white, creamy and hot to do it in. Interracial entertainment with a kinky two man, one woman flair.# Watching Her In Heat (Threesome)I’ve fawned, jerked over and admired her from afar for too long. Today I’m going to tell my sexy co-worker how I feel. This is a dangerous proposition to make though. If I act on this urge then things could work out terribly at my workplace. Fortunately, an odd bargain changes all of this and now I have the freedom to do whatever I want and I promise you I will do just that!