Erotica Short Stories Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a nudist’s dirty deal with three hot women, friends fixing their relationship through sex, a woman who loves to watch and pays to see the pizza guy sexed, a sex tape made from a window in a neighbouring building, and much more. There is something for everything within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 3’ contains the following short stories:# A Nudist’s Ploy (Threesome)Public nudity does sometimes pay off. They stole my clothes and then forced me to pay them for their return, but that was not all. A naked thrill turns into a unforgettable meeting of one man and three hot young women. Sexual and delightful prose.# Addicted To A Pregnant MILF (Obsession)My fantasies are filthy, nasty, yukky things that involve what most men would call ‘a very wild fetish with pregnant ladies of older years’. My father’s employee has come to take me back to rehab. In this my fantasies can be acted upon. One man’s glorious rendition of a kinky symphony of sex.# Best Friends And Him (Threesome)My friend dumped me on a Friday in June. Her boyfriend told her too. But, I can’t handle that and neither will they. Three people unite to come together in a mix of heart, body and soul that is electrifyingly sexy.# Called To Sex (Public)My job is to protect, but sometimes other tasks need to be undertaken. This time a fearsome paparazzi has taken up residence across the street from a gorgeous lady in red. Instead of wanting to get rid of him, she’s giving him his money’s worth with a set of blinds that are wide open. Red hot.# He Loves To Watch (Voyeur)From the day that it was done to me, I have had the fetish of watching others in the act of lust. Today I have hired three women – one of whom is black, beastly and of a sexual prowess to strike fear in a man – to do my bidding on the Pizza Man that will do more than deliver. Reliving the past through others and, more importantly, watching. The wonders of the world are tenfold!# The Beast of Impregnation (Impregnation)My life… I became a beast and I impregnate for fun. In the innermost reaches of the human mind there are things we don’t want to – dare not show – Sophie Sin shows you them: Wild, willing and filthy. Do you dare not indulge?# With The Russian (Public)A man with cravings? That would be me. I’m in love with a Russian, but she can’t even talk to me due to her shy nature. That’s when a porn mag is bought and unpaid for. I have to get my money out of her somehow, don’t I? This story is how I do it. Super kinky fun on the main street of a city near you.

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