Erotica Short Stories Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 4 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are the alpha male seducing, speed loving Jessica Speed up to her old tricks again, a bumbling servant of Satan having a hard time impregnating the Dark Lord’s chosen mistress, a wife who has plans to take on some rural lads who did her wrong in a sexy orgy, and much more. Something for everyone within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 4’ contains the following short stories:# Firmly Rear Ended (Alpha Male)I am paid for a lot of things. This, however, is something that I volunteered for. To be driven into – rear ended – can hurt and hurt bad, but this time its ‘for my pleasure’ and I’ll take all he’s got. Joanna Speed shows you just how great being rear ended can be!# Chasing Curves (Alpha Male)The Legendary Racer - a man with steely gray eyes and unending confidence - gets onto his bike with his eyes fixed firmly on her rear. Joanna Speed can’t help but feel excited. A well put together man like this doesn’t come along every day. You want a ride, he asks with a knowing smile. Joanna wants a ride and she wants to go all the way.# Moon Hunter (Paranormal)A magical kingdom, a hunter, a moon princess and 200,000,000 dollars for the juices from her… Ah-ha, exactly from where you are thinking. Can our brave hunter tame this gorgeous figure of perfection and, more importantly, can he get what he needs to get rich? Or, even more importantly, can he escape her gorgeous clutches once he has?# Satan’s Seed Bearer (Paranormal)Big Red has a mission for me and this time there’s an unexpected accomplice. The oddest fairy tale in the erotic world begins with a creature with a tail in a story that is more dark humor than ‘Lord of Darkness shall we inseminate this woman’ type of thing. A totally unique piece of paranormal erotica.# She Cheats A Lot (Orgy)That fool made a deal and now Kimberly Jones, wife of Danny The Cheater, is on the road to get her revenge and so much more from rural men of tough backgrounds and unclear morals. Totally beyond anything ever created by any erotic author anywhere. This is a classic in the making.# To Be An Obedient Woman (Domination)Professor Marks is going to teach me how to be obedient through all means possible. In a futuristic world where the line between real and unreal has been surpassed, sometimes the most real things are those that we find within ourselves. A woman’s journey towards obedience and so much more.# To Change A Self (Alpha Male)I shouldn’t have done what I did, but what my dearest husband has suggested doesn’t sit right considering the gravity of the crime. Together forever and in love: That was the promise we made. But can I really live with who my man really is? Undeniably sexy erotic romance.

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