Erotica Short Stories Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 6 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a public sex-escapade between a perverted flasher and two horny cops, the boyfriend scorned who is forced from depression with the aid of two porn stars, a MILF that knocks out a biker and shows him the ways of older love, and so much more. Something for everyone within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 6’ contains the following short stories:# A Day At The Beach (Uniform)One man decides that right in the public eye is the best place to ’entertain’ himself. However, even the best laid plans can fail. At the hands of two sexy female officers of the law, how will the young pervert fair when the very thing he desired becomes a kinky game with bigger stakes than just a little police harassment?# A Husband’s Debauchery (Threesome)Brighten’s wife left him for a nerd and now he’s avoiding the issue like he always does when trouble comes. However, when he meets real trouble at the hands of two gorgeous porn stars, there’s nowhere to run. Facing ’trouble’ can be fun too.# A Long Wait (Romance)I waited for the woman that I loved and will love again for over 1200 years. It was in my mind that I had lost her to time, but one evening the impossible happens: She finds me. True romance lasts forever. An astounding story about passion kept long and expended with intensity.# A MILF Harder Than Him (Domination)We have a grudge: It’s the kind where knuckles get bloody. But I was a fool. And she was too. Through a rough interaction that sees me laid low, I’ll be drawn higher than I’ve ever been in her sweet older woman arms. Gorgeous motorcycle gang and rough MILF play.# Bar Hopping Cheater (Seduction)One cheating wife, one night, and a husband on a mission to correct her foul play. This erotic story contains some of the most devious, nasty sexy games that you’ll ever read. Too hot to even be allowed to see the light of day. Read in bed in the comfort of the night only – if you dare!# Sweet MILF Seduction (Romance)If it was anyone other than my older sexy boss then I would have made a pass and tried my luck. However, this woman has a kinky secret and because of it she is untouchable. With no chance to get what I want, I suffer alone in silence. That is until an opportunity presents itself - one too good to pass up. One night of passion can be enough and tonight is that night.# The Man That Watched (Romance)I’ve watched for such a long time and finally the day has come when I can have a taste. Milly Boat is a young hooker who lives beyond her pay grade. I’m a man who needs solace from a broken heart. Sometimes the oddest couplings are the right ones. This is that kind of story.

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