Erotica Short Stories Vol. 7 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 7 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are an arrogant man’s encounter with a kinky twosome, a writer blowing off steam sexually so she can write, an erotic birthday threesome for one man, a one time only proposition to a MILF, and many more. Something for everyone within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 7’ contains the following short stories:# Arrogance (Threesome)A naughty night for one arrogant man turns out to be far kinkier than he would have imagined based on the hot, sexy Latino mix that virtually threw herself at him in the bar earlier in the evening. Astoundingly hot threesome fiction by Sophie Sin.# How She Writes (Lust)Some people have to cure the smut from their minds before they can write. This is the story of one woman’s mad obsession and how she ‘resolves’ her issues to find the most pure prose.# One Time With Mr. Sparks (Well Hung)A well hung older hunk story. When James Sparks came to visit, I knew this wasn’t right. When the man crawled into my bed, I knew I had gone too far. When he… well, all things built high must tumble eventually. Tonight I will fall and be bought back up in my naked desires.# For His Birthday (Threesome)A man’s birthday should be spent in the most erotic fashion imaginable, but what Justin brings to the party this time is beyond anything an experimental couple like us has ever seen. Hardcore erotic fun!# Snowed In (Romance)This is my last chance – my only chance – before I leave to show her how I feel. Snowed in is the story of one erotic evening that cannot be repeated. One time only.# Spanking A MILF (Romance / Light Bondage)Two people go to a match maker. One is younger. He wants an obedient woman. The other is older. She wants someone to make her do things that will drive her wild. An odd meeting of minds between a very strange couple.# Virginity Takers (Threesome)The three worst people to find me in the cheerleaders’ dressing room have done just that. Now I must face them as a virgin without any experience. Fear, desire, and first times, today’s dirty little kink is outrageously sexy.

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