Erotica Short Stories Vol. 8 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 8 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a bad boy biker who can’t keep his body undercontrol when faced with a gorgeous woman, a horny lady with a weird banana fetish, two sexy office workers with big breasts pinning down a male co-worker for some fun, and much more. There’s something for everyone within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 8’ contains the following short stories:# Bad Boy Biker (Alpha Male)A hot alpha male short story. I was in a rage until I saw her. Those eyes, those hips, that hard body, they changed the desire to hurt to another desire entirely. The lustiest ride of one woman’s life given by the hottest biker on the face of the Earth.# Banana Fetishist (Fetishes)Yellow, sexy, yellow, sexy. I can’t get my mind off them. Bananas stuffed in every single… I take a breath. A very long one. Then I choose the banana that is going to occupy my… ah, time. Incredible new kinks from a series that defines kinky.# My Nasty Parole Officer (MILF)Strict. Authoritarian. Sexy. Mrs. Sanders seems so harsh, but what she wants is actually something not so soft for herself. Me, I’m going to jail if I don’t. Still, coercion is not need. Everyone loves a hot MILF with a fat rear. Everyone.# She Has Huge Breasts (ThreesomeThe new worker – a nerdy blond with proportions that exceed gorgeous – and my favorite little minx Mika – a half Japanese, half Latino mix – have me pinned in the office and I can’t fault their logic. Keeping my mind on my job is important, but when pleasure comes knocking, I’m the kind of guy that will open the door nice and wide.# Tailor Made MILF (MILF)She measures my inseam and I measure her cup size. Both are found long and large and in no way lacking. It takes a few questions to find out if she’s willing. My last day in town is going to be quite the romp. This hot MILF will not let up.# The Dutiful Maid (Romance / Kinky)A complex tale of too big, too gorgeous and the power of service. Reader beware: This story has everything from romance to head games to the biggest experience of one maid’s life. In short, an amazing piece of work.# The Ultimate OrgasmIt slivers towards her and she feels worry for the very first time in a long life of taking big things within herself. The creature appears to her as a man. In her mind it is a man. Yet, the length and the size and the swell. No human male could have such a huge thing between his legs. Pleasurable all the way to the end.

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