Erotica Verité T.L. Adams Author

Erotica Verité T.L. Adams Author
Categories: Books, Erotica
Brand: T.L. Adams
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Erotica Verité by T.L. Adams offers ten fictional accounts of erotic encounters based on real events. From Jane (not her real name, of course) the Sunday-school teacher who unleashes her sexuality in The Picnic to the courtesan MILF in The Call Girl or the ironic twist in The Tow Truck, you’ll get a glimpse into the adventures of everyday people who chose to live out their fantasies.Maybe they will stir your imagination as well. Enjoy.Erotica Verité includes the following short stories which are also available online individually:The PresentationThe BookstoreThe Call GirlThe Tow TruckThe HonorsThe PicnicThe StripThe InterviewThe SeductionThe Cowboy

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