Erotica, Volume 8 Barbara Cardy Author

Erotica, Volume 8 Barbara Cardy Author
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BUSINESS AS USUAL by Dita Darker Despite fancying the pants off each other Alex and John have put lust aside in the pursuit of success. On the verge of the biggest deal of their careers Alex realises that she can use her body to close the sale. Can John sit by and watch the object of his lust seduce a client in the name of capitalism?EROTIC ACCOUNTING by Kay Jaybee Mia is not your typical accountant; a fact which Stuart is more than happy about. Not only is she hot, but in one of their occasional meetings to sort out his business accounts, she let slip that she writes erotica in her spare time. Ever since, Stuart hasn’t been able to get the thought of discovering the depths of her imagination out of his head . . .THE NECKLACE by J. T. Seate Faraway places give eroticism an intriguing allure. A gemologist travels to India to study rare gems, but he couldn’t have guessed where a mysterious necklace around the neck of a beautiful, Victorian English woman who believes herself to be guided in the art of desire by an ancient goddess would lead.

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