Fantasy Erotica 20-pack Mega Bundle LuxXe Author

Fantasy Erotica 20-pack Mega Bundle LuxXe Author
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Brand: Luxxe
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Enjoy this 20-pack erotica mega bundle of fantasy erotica combining Fantasy Erotica Vol 1 and 2 spanning six episodes of the mysterious events taking place in Mr. Chang’s Candy Shop, Keiko and the Metal Butterfly, Keisha and the Metal Labyrinthine, Spank, and The Twine King. You’ll also enjoy stories not available in standalone listings. Some of them include a faery literally in the “order” que for a marriage she doesn’t want and a handler with forbidden impulses, a water shifter struggling to fight his lust for a virginal human he’s fallen for, a barmaid discovering her crush is an otherworlder who wants her too, and a captive with an eye on her gargantuan guard feature in just a handful of the erotic romance shorts contained in this collection.This cheap erotica bundle essentially slashes the cost of the premium titles it contains in half. Twice. And the introductory release is even reduced for its early release period at a price that comes at an unspeakably cheap erotica cost.This is quality content, not cheap, half-done attempts at erotica sold in a pack hoping no one notices the lack of truly sexy content.Heat level: 5 out of 5 (Very hot, erotic and romantic content)Length: 50k +Inside: Vanilla, bisexual females lipstick and butch, mild domination, bbw, tentacle, monster, sex, monster sex, lactation, fantastika, fantasy, food, food sex, macrophilia (large phallus), food play, sitophilia, lesbian, bisexual, captive, breeding, instinctual breeding, xenophilia, erotic romance, captive, lust, dream, shifter, light bdsm, accidental breeding, metal toys, spankingNote: These fantasy and paranormal erotica tales are very explicitly described. This is strictly for readers who are 18+ years of age/of adult age according to residential region.If you have purchased Fantasy Erotica 1 & 2, you already have the stories in this erotica mega bundle.

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