Fantasy Erotica 3-Pack Catherine DeVore Author

Fantasy Erotica 3-Pack Catherine DeVore Author
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This erotica collection includes 3 of Catherine DeVore’s best-selling titles, The Elf Princess’s Lover, The Sorceress’s Lover and the Demon Prince’s Lover! This steamy 12,300-word chronicles the adventures of 3 heroes and heroines as they quest for answers–and find altogether something else! Adults only!THE ELF PRINCESS’S LOVERYorick takes refuge in the ancient Forest of Aggadeen, where he meets the beautiful elf princess Mirilyn. She nurses him back to health and lavishes attention on him that goes far beyond what he was expecting. As his desire for the princess rages, Yorick discovers a secret that could change the fates of humans and elves alike. This sensual erotic tale is for adults only!THE DEMON PRINCE’S LOVERDriven from her home by a false accusation of heresy, Elyna is forced from her hometown on the heels of her father’s execution. Now, Elyna must seek the aid of the very demon prince that her father was accused of dealing with. As Elyna pits her wills against the wily demon prince, can she resist his powers of lust or will she give herself over fully to passion?THE SORCERESS’S LOVERAilis is on a quest to kill the legendary evil sorceress who lives at the edge of town. As Ailis faces her inevitable death in the sorceress’s tower, she discovers that the sorceress is beautiful, kind, and a passionate lover. Ailis learns that rumors and myths are not always true when she becomes the Sorceress’s Lover.

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