Fantasy Erotica: The Prince II – The Werewolf Mackenzie Harnden Author

Fantasy Erotica: The Prince II – The Werewolf Mackenzie Harnden Author
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The Prince II – The Werewolf is a Fantasy, Paranormal, Menage, and Multiple Partner Erotica short story - M/F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.The Prince travels with elfin maids at a sedate and steady pace, through the forest. He is blissfully unaware just how much he slows their progress, but they did not care. They were delighted to have him accompanying them. It has been so long since they had company they don’t mind accommodating his slower steps. He takes turns pleasuring them both, and filling them with his seed, at will. The Prince was always willing to please them. As they rest one night, following a particularly intense session, the Prince realizes that a full lunar cycle has passed since they stumbled upon him. He tells them he must get far away from them. He won’t tell them why, but as they moon emerges, they soon realizes that the night holds more of the prince’s secrets than they could possibly have known. Will they be safe with him or is this just one more thing they can adapt to?Excerpt:As he runs the back of his hand down her body, starting at her cheek and finishing between her legs. Aurora spreads them in response and tilts her head back, to kiss the hungry Prince. His hand slips beneath a gap, in her tunic, he pulls it aside to expose her. He feels her juices leak on his fingers, as he does so. Her kisses are hungry, as she tastes his mouth with her tongue. “I want nothing but to please you Aurora. You are more beautiful to me than a moonless night.”

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