Fantasy Erotica: The Prince III – The Pixie Mackenzie Harnden Author

Fantasy Erotica: The Prince III – The Pixie Mackenzie Harnden Author
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The Prince III – The Pixie is a Fantasy, Menage, Multiple Partner, Paranormal, and Lesbian Erotica short story - F/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.The Prince and the elves have been continuing to travel for over seven sun rises and sunsets since the last full moon had passed. The arduous journey was beginning to take its toll. They needed a rest and a relief soon. They found a small clearing concealed by a circle of large, aged oak trees and the predecessors’ remains. The Prince informed the elves that he had spotted a herd of deer heading in their direction and would like to go hunting for food. Although their physical capability far surpassed the Prince’s and this would have been much easier for them, the elves did not object, grateful for the opportunity to have some time alone together. As the Prince wandered off in to the forest, they lay down their luggage and began to undress. Unbeknown to them, during the last day of their journey, they had acquired an unexpected companion, who crouched watching them strip to their skin through the confines of a hollowed old oak trunk.Excerpt:Realizing she’d blown her cover, the naked pixie emerged, fluttering above the trunk in which she was hiding. Her magnificent blue butterfly wings spanned more than twice her body length but appeared thinner and more penetrable than paper. The reflective sheen caught and bounced the light off of them all around the clearing as she hovered above the trunk. She was a beautiful sight for any unexpected creature to lay eyes on, though she did not realize it. The elves leant down to reach for their weapons.“No, please! I meant no harm!” The pixie threw the words at them in panicked alarm. Physically, she would be no match for an elf woman, but with the advantage of flight and little pixie tricks, she was a potential threat. Aurora was first to respond. “Then why, oh little-blue-winged-one, do you lay cowering in a rotten tree trunk, spying on us like an indecent perverted goblin girl?” Her voice was firm and questioning. A red flush filled the pixie’s cheeks, turning her purple. She looked down and crossed her arms straight over in front of her. She was completely naked and her perfect, pert little breasts had the elf maiden’s eyes wandering. She pointed downward and indicated the small trail of orgasmic aftermath that still trailed down the inside of her thighs.

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