Fantasy Erotica: Witch's Ball Blaine Teller Author

Fantasy Erotica: Witch's Ball Blaine Teller Author
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Witch’s Ball is an Interspecies and Fantasy Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.In a clearing often used to celebrate the coming of autumn near the town of Watervale, a powerful witch decides to throw a celebration of her own. But instead of inviting townspeople, the somewhat bored sorceress decides to transform inanimate objects and random animals into humans. Like all spells, the transformations come with a deadline – at midnight, they all will revert to their true forms.Most of the guests take to their new forms with excitement and curiosity. A nervous, skinny, brown-haired man whom the witch named Doug is a different story – he watched from the sidelines, feeling awkward in his new body and out of place among the revelers. Encouraging him to join in the fun, the witch urges him to talk to a rotund red-head named Carol, who seems similarly uncomfortable.The pair quickly hit it off and slip away from the party hand-in-hand to fully explore their new forms before time runs out.Excerpt:“Are you suggesting we become a couple, Doug?”“If you’d have me. We only have an hour, let’s make it mean something.”“Goodness, is it that late already? The concept of time is new to me. I was going to just sit here until I revert. But there’s something about you, Doug. Something that I like. I think I would like to dance with you.”We stood up together and made our way to the middle of the field. The two of us attempted to move to the rhythm of the music. Carol looked like she was doing all right, but I felt incredibly goofy. I tried to believe what the witch said about looking less awkward than I felt, but it did little good. Despite how clumsy I felt, Carol didn’t seem to mind my dancing.The music changed after a little while. The band of magically animated instruments now played a much slower tempo. Carol danced closer to me, pressing her body against mine. I could feel her body heat. The closeness gave me some odd, unexpected feelings. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. The contact made my flesh tingle.

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