Fetish Galore: A Mammoth Anthology of Erotic Gay Fetish Stories habu Author

Fetish Galore: A Mammoth Anthology of Erotic Gay Fetish Stories habu Author
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With it’s cover suggestive of all thing fetish, this huge anthology is presented in a large format coffee table book style. A monster gay erotica anthology of 628 pages and over 80 stories from the pen of premier gay erotica anthologist habu, which explores the concept of gay male sexual fetishes. Included are stories indexed to 40 fetishes that meet the broadest definition of fetish: obsession with the unusual in sexual gratification. These serve a broader definition rather than a narrow one, because, at the end of the day, a fetish is very personal. It’s what arouses and becomes obsessive and services the gratification needs of the individual. The 40 indexed fetishes (others beyond the indexed ones creep in, of course, and are included in the index at the back of the book) offered in the more than 80 stories of Fetish Galore! are more of a foundation and a beginning for gay male readers than a comprehensive end all. For ease in locating your favorite fetishes, the stories of this anthology are arranged by primary story fetish alphabetically in the table of contents, and also alphabetically by story title in one index at the back of the book and by fetish in another index. The initial, uncategorized, signature Fetish Galore story is an unabashed tongue-in-cheek romp at including as many fetishes-over 40 in this case-in one story. If your favorite gay male fetishes are not included in this anthology, it may well be time for you to take up your pen and start writing fetish stories of your own.