First Lesbian Sex Extravaganza (Five Steamy First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories) Nancy Brockton Author

First Lesbian Sex Extravaganza (Five Steamy First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories) Nancy Brockton Author
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From bestselling erotica author Nancy Brockton comes five incredible lesbian sex shorts. She may write the steamiest lesbian erotica out there, and in this collection you’ll see doctor/patient sex, first lesbian sex, and even reluctant lesbian sex. Nancy writes marvelously about hardcore sex encounters where boys just aren’t necessary.1. DOCTOR, WAIT! (A First Lesbian Doctor Patient erotica story) (Doctor Patient Sex)Hope isn’t happy with her body, so she schedules an appointment with a plastic surgeon. She got a very, very skilled doctor, but the lovely lady M.D. is more skilled at what she can do unprofessionally than what she does at a doctor! When her examination turns into far more, Hope finds herself unable to say no to doctor/patient sex, her first lesbian sex; and once she’s had lez sex, she might not want anything else!2. Bath Time: Risa’s First Lesbian Sex Experience (First Lesbian Sex Experiences)Risa and Laura have been best friends since childhood, and they have a secret. When they were little, they took baths together. As they grew up, unbeknownst to their parents and friends, they kept it up, an innocent time of relaxation between friends. They never even considered having lez sex. That is until Risa said that she might be moving away. So, Laura decides the next bath will have to be extra special, and she’s determined to give Risa her first, and best, Lesbian sex experience with her hands, her mouth, and her brand new sex toy, a waterproof vibrator. Laura is ready to have lesbian sex in the bath with her friend.3. BEFORE YOU SAY I DO (A First Lesbian Sex erotica story) (Wedding Sex)Constance is so excited about her marriage, and Elmira, her maid of honor and best friend is helping her to make sure everything is perfect. A little too much wine in the middle of trying on her bridal lingerie, though, changes the evening and before she knows it, this bride to be is having her very first lesbian sex, and both young women are in for the most delightful night of their lives.4. FIRE AT THE STATION (Blackmailed Into First Lesbian Sex)Ally and Donna have been best friends since childhood, and they couldn’t be more excited when they get their firefighter certifications and are stationed at the same fire house. It turns for the worse right away though. The station has six chauvinist men and no other women. In fact, there aren’t even separate shower facilities! It’s clear the station commander would rather they weren’t there. Suddenly, Ally finds herself blackmailed into having first lesbian sex in front of all of the guys. Her choices? Watch her best friend be fired or walk naked in front of everyone and have her very first lesbian sex! Can she do it? Can this straight-laced girl have public sex? Can she really have shower sex with her best friend right in front of everyone?5. THE NURSE IS NASTY: Taken at the Clinic for My First Lesbian Sex (Doctor/Patient Sex Encounter)Candace is excited about her new job as a candy striper, and this eighteen year old girl is ready to be the best candy striper she can. Of course, she wasn’t expecting the stunning nurse Nora to take an interest in her, but the little teen is going to learn all about Nurse Nora while Nurse Nora learns all about her, including her pert little tits, her sweet ass, and her tiny virgin pussy! It’s a first lesbian sex short sure to please!Warning: This ebook contains very graphic representations of various lesbian sexual encounters including a lesbian seduction, doctor sex with a patient, first lesbian sex, lesbian oral sex, wedding sex, bride sex, public sex, sex toys, lez sex, bathroom sex, shower sex, nurse sex, blackmail sex, and reluctant sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit representations of sex between consenting adults.

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