Food of Love: Gourmet Erotica Giselle Renarde Author

Food of Love: Gourmet Erotica Giselle Renarde Author
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In Food of Love, eroticist Giselle Renarde has assembled a collection of ten lip-smacking tales involving delicious desserts, yummy chefs, seductive restaurant settings, and heaps of fetishistic food play! Sticky and sweet, milky and messy, red hot and ice cold, these stories are sure to spice up your night! Sink that sweet tooth into this collection of gourmet erotica and you’ll not only feel great about your purchase, but you’ll also be doing your part to end food insecurity in Canada’s North. That’s because the author will be donating 100% of royalties earned from Food of Love to food banks accommodating immediate needs and community services with a long-term focus on country foods and land-based programs. If you’re peachy keen on altruistic erotica, Food of Love will be the apple of your eye. Buy your copy today!