Forbidden Lessons: 11 Erotic Short Stories Chaney Kees Author

Forbidden Lessons: 11 Erotic Short Stories Chaney Kees Author
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Forbidden Lessons is the first short story collection by the erotic author team of Carlee Shoman and Chaney Kees. This collection includes eleven tantalizing tales of paranormal lesbian and gay erotica. Featuring eleven M/M, F/M/M stories. Forbidden Lessons will have you recalling all of your fondest erotic moments. In the five-part story “Vampire Strippers From Hell”, follow vampires and danger as they finally give in to their erotic urges. Carlee Shoman and Chaney Kees successfully weave together these enticing images and stories that will make your imagination run wild!The AppetizerCara is a hardworking, independent woman who ensured she and her girlfriend could have a comfortable life together. Brenda intended to make sure her lover had a good meal to come home to after an exhausting day at work, but Cara has a different approach to how she wanted to unwind. Kestrel’s Lesson In SubmissionKestrel has stumbled across a site that features BDSM so she seeks out a public dungeon for her first lesson. She is willing to learn and, thanks to a pair of sexy female Dommes, she is in for a lot of hot action and she has a lot to learn. Can she learn her lessons well enough to relax?Loving The Daughter Of SinThe beautiful goddess Ishtar rules opulent and decadent Uruk, but she finds she has grown bored. As the goddess of pleasure and war, she loves the hunt. Someone has caught here eye. Can she tame her?.A Good Read IndeedJenna has suffered a break up, and to help her recover, she stays at her lake house in order to get some much needed rest She enjoys the rest and the solitude, but thanks to a book of erotica that she finds in a box at a garage sale she finds herself getting very little rest at all. Forbidden FriendsIn 1958 two men cross paths by chance on a long country road, they soon found out that they were able to offer each other something that is missing in their lives: someone who cared about them. Could these two unlikely companions have a life together? Or is there just a relationship ahead of its time?Bareback Porn Store AdventuresA very popular porn store and theater is known for being a bastion of hot and raunchy anonymous bareback sex. The best job to have is to be the manager,there’s always something going on. It’s a good time for all.Vampire Strippers From Hell Part 1A female vampire is made by her teacher at private girl’s college in the late 1890’s. This is a satisfying life, or so she thinks until she is drawn into another world. Will she be the kind of vampire her sister has become? Vampire Strippers From Hell Part 2In Part 2, Angela, recounts how she and her assistant Darren met. She has found a true friend in Darren. Angela only succumbs to temptation one time andDarren will never know.Vampire Strippers From Hell Part 3In Part 3, things at the strip club begin to heat up. Angela is fighting her feelings for Darren, but while she is struggling, danger is near Will she be able to save them both? Or will Darren be lost forever?Vampire Strippers From Hell Part 4In Part 4, Darren learns the truth about Angela; she finally stops fighting her feelings for him and gives in to her heart’s desire. But will he be able to handle the truth and can their love survive?Vampire Strippers From Hell Part 5In Part 5, Darren comes to terms with his new life. Darren and Angela realize that their adventure is just beginning. Will they be able to keep up with the older vampires and foil their plans and stay safe?