French Maid Erotica Bundle (Crossdressing and Feminization Collection) Tabatha Dallas Author

French Maid Erotica Bundle (Crossdressing and Feminization Collection) Tabatha Dallas Author
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Genre: Crossdressing / Turned Into a Bimbo Erotica Three French Maid erotica stories in one bundle!Whether it’s a homophobic man trapped in a tattoo parlor, a cruel sexist homophobic businessman, or history’s greatest monster, all three of these men will discover their feminine side and the pleasure of sex with strong alpha men while dressed as French Maids.This 42,600+ crossdressing/sissification/feminization erotica box set includes: Tattooed and Feminized: Gender Bender Transformation, Maid to Order: French Maid Erotica, and I Feminized Hitler: Crossdressing and Feminization Sci-Fi Erotic.Tattooed and FeminizedState inspector Tim hates his low paying job near the sleazy underbelly of his city. Rife with thugs, questionable characters, and a muscled tattoo artist named Dante, Tim wants nothing more than to be rid of this assignment and move on. When a chance to line his pockets presents itself, Tim takes the opportunity, believing no one will ever find out, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. The one person he’d fought to stay clear of happens to be the very person who could lead to his demise. With videotaped evidence to prove Tim isn’t the fine, upstanding, employee he claims to be, Dante hatches a plot to feminize him. Maid to OrderEvery office has that one jerk who thinks they can get away with anything. Most aren’t as bad as Paul. His racism, homophobia, and wandering hand on a long string of secretaries are costing the company big time. Peggy Miller’s a ‘fixer’ for companies. It’s her job to find troublesome employees and ‘fix’ them for good. Can she fix Paul and why does it involve a french maid outfit, a dirty bathroom, and a newly fired well hung janitor? I Feminized Hitler With a mojito in hand, Jennifer Douglas waits for the next time traveler to land in her back yard. Her latest arrival’s off to 1930’s Germany to take care of Hitler. It’s what they all do, before they make things worse. With a French Maid’s outfit, heavy makeup, a justice robot, and strict feminine discipline, she’ll succeed where others failed. It’s time for Hitler to experience life as Helga.

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