Friends With Benefits Erotica Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author

Friends With Benefits Erotica Vol. 3 Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a young woman who uses a huge toy and her imagination to find satisfaction on a lonely night, a couple without a place to enjoy each other getting creative, the ultimate morning reward, and the domination of three handsome white men by the ever eager chocolate tiger. There is something for everyone within!‘Friends With Benefits Erotica Vol. 3’ contains the following four stories:# Cheating Husband Seeker (Fantasy)Wendy craves married well hung men. However, tonight she is without a suitable candidate and must turn to other means. In this kinky short story Wendy employs a huge toy and her imagination to create the perfect scene with a well-to-do and well hung cheating husband fulfilling her every whim.# Well Hung Tom (Experimental)Tom is about to get lucky in a big way as the well endowed Jessica offers up a plate of the finest girl goods that he has ever seen. The only problem is where to do the deed. With no other options at hand, one BBQ area is going to see the fiercest blaze of heated passion ever seen on the planet Earth. A must read piece of erotic content!# Morning Sex (Romance)There’s only one good way to wake up in the morning and Samantha knows exactly what to do. An unsuspecting Jack finds himself drawn, caressed and made use of to the pleasure of all.# Chocolate Domination (Interracial)The Chocolate Tiger stalks the halls looking for a taste of whatever naughtiness might be available for her consumption. Tonight she hasn’t just found one unsuspecting prey, but three. Can this dominant woman find pleasure in three?

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