From Behind: The Best Anal Erotica Julieta Hyde Author

From Behind: The Best Anal Erotica Julieta Hyde Author
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From Behind: The Best Anal EroticaDo you enjoy the feeling from behind? Do you love erotica that specializes in your sexual needs and desires? Is ass play a turn on, a lifestyle, a vacation from your troubles? This collection brings some of bestselling erotic writer Julieta Hyde’s anal sex stories together for the first time. Get the specific thrill you want from stories that cater to your specific sexual desire. Erotic, explicit, exciting.Content Warning: contains explicit sexual situations and language. For adult use only.Julieta Hyde is the bestselling erotica writer of the Daddy’s Girl series, the Belinda Silverthorne NecRomances and many series and anthologies. Her erotica has brought joy and titillation to thousands and thousands of satisfied readers. She is excited to bring you this wonderful collection of themed stories, put together with your excellent tastes in mind.

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